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Thyroid and Mood

This little organ – the thyroid- does amazing things for the body and needs to be in balance for your physical and mental health. If you have symptoms of stress, insomnia, feel overwhelmed, have trouble losing weight, feels depressed or anxious, take a look at this wonderful book – ADRENAL THYROID REVOLUTION by Aviva Romm MD.

Her focus is on hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue. Imbalances occur through chronic stress, toxins, infections, food triggers and problems with the gut. The  solution is to work on all the relevant areas. Stress management is central and here is where yoga and meditation can be a tremendous help. Other areas need to be assessed by  WHOLISTIC DOCTOR.  These come under various names like integrative medicine doctor, functional medicine doctor or naturopathic doctor. Visit websites for American Board of Integrative Medicine, Institute of Functional Medicine.


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Young Kids, Old Bodies

This is the title of a TIME (March 3, 2014) article about children having high blood pressure, fatty liver disease and diabetes. 32% of children ages 2-19 are overweight or obese and developing diseases that used to be only seen in adults. Due to this, they will have lowered life expectancy. This is a must read article if you have children or grandchildren in your life. Overweight children may develop fatty liver, cirrhosis of liver, sleep apnea, heart disease, kidney damage and diabetes. It is not just obese children that are risk – even overweight children are. The solution is as always health diet and exercise. Don’t let children in your life die young and disabled.

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Is exercise your New Year’s Resolution?

Here we are in February already. You have had a chance to see if your new exercise routine is going to fly. If you need a motivation boost, consider this. Exercise helps improve mood, boosts self-confidence, reduces anxiety and improves sleep. Do you need more benefits? You will look great and have more energy. Long run there is great benefit for your heart and brain. It is the best way to ensure against dementia in the later years.

Exercise is as good as antidepressants for mild to moderate depression. Shorter and gentler workouts are better for anxiety. Even a 10 minute workout enhances energy and reduces tension. Gentle aerobic exercise reduces anxiety levels for up to three hours at a time.

Do you need more support? Consider hypnosis or energy psychology (tapping). Check out my web site for an online weight management class.

If you are a woman between the ages of 60-70, I am offering a support group for women who want to explore and live their life more fully and bring out their wisdom self in a joyful manner. Give me a call 530-222-5253.



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Backpacking the Pounds Off

Here’s an idea that may appeal to some but certainly not all. I just spent 3 weeks backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail. It is a very beautiful trail that tries to stay on the crests and gives wonderful views. It was a joy to be in nature and have no stress. And if someone wants to lose weight, you will certainly do so. It is impossible to carry or eat enough calories to make up for what you expend. Several pounds a week will just fly off the body. Of course, you have to be ready for this adventure. The really amazing thing is that there are at least 500 individuals hiking the whole trail from Mexico to Canada, over 2500 miles. And skinny people all. It takes 5 1/2 months and a strong commitment. They form a community and look out for each other. They also come from all over the world. Most are traveling solo. Most are young men and women. However, there were people in their 60’s and 70’s as well. Doing part of the trail is enough for me and maybe for you. Check out the Pacific Trail Association for more information.

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More Tapping Ideas for Weight Loss

There is a new book out that has one chapter on weight loss using Emotional Freedom Techniques that were developed by Gary Craig. I have great success with clients using EFT. It is easy and changes in eating patterns as well as exercise happen quickly. The main difficulty for some people is that change happens too fast and they don’t have time to adapt. So be aware that you have to be ready for the change and really investigate this. Ask yourself “What are the downsides of losing weight?” Everybody has some. What are yours? Are you prepared for being the weight you desire? The new book is THE TAPPING SOLUTION by Nick Ortner. The nice thing about this book is that it gives tapping protocols that you can start with and then adapt for your specific situation. Some of these are on the book selling web site  Check it out and have fun with this.

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Timing of Eating Is Essential

An article in Psychology Today February 2013 has some important information about the timing of eating and of what you eat. Yes, we have all heard – eat breakfast and eat dinner early and light. But WHY?  The body needs fasting to break down fats and cholesterol. In fact just to turn on the mechanism requires 5-6 hours of fasting and then to actually burn the calories, it requires another 5-6 hours.  The major fat burning occurs during our sleep hours. If you deprive yourself of sleep, you will gain weight.


Then what about breakfast? What you eat in the morning is important. Have some protein because it will help build muscle and increase metabolic capacity. And it is O.K. to eat carbs because metabolic hormones to burn them are high between dawn and noon. Eat anything you want for lunch – well almost. And consume it before noon.  Metabolism slows in the afternoon and evening. So limit the carbs from afternoon on. Even protein at dinner is not a good idea because it can interfere with sleep. And dinner should occur early, maybe before 7 pm or earlier depending upon your bed time. Remember you need 10-12 hours of fasting to have  the body properly processing your food. And no late night snacks because then the metabolic genes never have a chance to burn the calories.  So if you have spent time in Spain or Italy, how do they eat dinner at 10 pm and stay slim? Sometimes all the rules are made for breaking.

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Instant Gratification and Food

What drive us to want something NOW? It seems so hard to wait when we start thinking about that Latte or French Fries or ………  This seems to be hard-wired. And this makes sense if we think about our heritage as scavengers/hunters. When we would come upon some food, we took it and soon ate it. You never knew when the next bite would come. Now we have food everywhere and much of it is very tempting. The scientists have come up with the term temporal discounting to explain what we do. This means viewing small rewards now as better than bigger rewards down the road. So yes we all agree that we don’t want a heart attack in five years from eating fatty foods. And yet that cheeseburger is very appetising now and would so satisfy the hunger at lunch time. So what can we do? The solution lies in waiting five minutes and then checking out if this is what you really want. You can apply the Mindfulness tools that we spoke about before. These help you really decipher if this is what you want – both physically and emotionally. Then realize that some of these tendencies are hard-wired and take time to change. Be gentle with yourself.

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Weight Management Class Online – New!

Weight Management Keys: Unlock the Permanent, Healthy, Vital and Slim You class is now online.  In 7 classes you can learn self-hypnosis for motivation/end-self-sabotage/stress reduction, acupressure to end cravings, mindful eating, imagery and more.  This is the best of powerful psychological tools to aid you in weight loss and body image. There are audio presentations, downloadable written materials and MP3 downloads. You will find a lot of support.  I have been offering this class in office for 5 years with good success. Now you can do this at your leisure and own pace. Take a look at

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Weight Management Keys: Online Class

Now my  weight management class is online. I have been working with women on weight loss through powerful psychological tools for the past 5 years in groups run locally. I decided to share these tools in an online class that anyone anywhere can access. Take a look. The class teaches self-hypnosis for motivation and to handle any self-sabotage, acupressure or energy psychology to eliminate cravings and clear any blocks to change, mindful eating, imagery and stress management. Each class has a short introductory presentation, reading material, and practice. It is true that eating healthy and exercising will work for most people; however, many struggle with sticking to their plan. The problems lie in the psychological arena and psychological tools are needed to fix them. It could be an issue of stress or of early childhood messages or cultural messages. These issues don’t necessarily need psychotherapy but they do need attention.  You can find the class at

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More Benefits of Exercise

As if you needed more reasons to exercise. But here it is. Nicola Lautenschlager of the University of Western Australia found that regular physical exercise for 24 weeks led to 1,800% improvement in memory, language ability, attention and more. They did 20 minutes of exercise a day. Another study done at Harvard found similar benefits. That study concluded that the cognitive benefits of exercise was like decreasing your age by 3 years. Now these studies were done on older folks; however, the message is clear. Keeping the body in shape keeps the brain in shape. Do you need more reasons to get out and exercise? With everyone living longer and the dementia rates high for the elderly, I hope this will get you to move more now. Don’t wait to be elderly.

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