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Taming Dragons That Control Your Mental State

If you have never heard of Daniel Amen MD, you should. He has been a leader in the mental health field with using SPECT brain scans to assess emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems. His clinics do a thorough assessment of the mental health issue and then provide treatment which includes nutritional supplements. He has demonstrated that his program can heal brain trauma in NFL players. You can check out his website He also has a brain fitness program on line

His latest book (Your Brain Is Always Listening: Tame the Hidden Dragons That Control Your Happiness, Habits and Hang-ups) is a fun one. Using metaphor of dragons, he tackles various emotional issues like anxiety, anger, grief, low self-esteem. For example for the Hopeless and Helpless Dragon, he gives antidotes of creating a positivity bias, gratitude practice, writing down your accomplishments and strengths, and getting your brain healthy with Omega-3’s. All his suggestions are doable and make sense. Then he tackles ANTS – Automatic Negative Thoughts for each of the issues. This is the good old cognitive-behavioral work. Mainly this book would be for someone new to the arena of psychology.

May 29, 2021 - Posted by | anxiety, Depression, Emotional Well Being

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