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Our Wisdom Years

I just finished reading a book that would interest anyone 60+. Charles Garfield wrote Our Wisdom Years: Growing Older with Joy, Fulfillment, Resilience and No Regrets. He leads us through nine stages for moving from adult to elder. He presents his own journey in which his goal oriented stress lifestyle dramatically ended with hip issues. He was stopped cold and had to reinvent himself by slowing down.

His Third Task stood out for me – “Shifting your eyes from the goal to the moment.” This is about finding joy in the moment and spending more time with the joyful and not asking “At my age?” I have seen 90 year old women doing yoga and on the balance bar in a gym. Why not? Or maybe your joy is watching the flowers grow or sitting with a tree.

You will find many good ideas and contemplative exercises here to move strongly into the next years of your life.

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