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Increase Your Resilience

In these times, resilience is what is required. Rick Hanson PhD has been working with this topic for a while and even has a book called Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakeable Core of Calm, Strength and Happiness. The basic premise is to actively cultivate positive emotional states. The process involves being aware, feeling the state, then letting it be with the final piece installing an experience of the antidote. The last piece requires embodying the positive emotion and feeling it strongly.

Because we are wired to remember the negative more than the positive, this retraining does take effort and consistent effort. One time does not do it. Each time you are aware of depressed emotional state (for example), you bring up a time of joy and bring it into your body. Where do you feel joy inside? Then intensify the feeling.

Another key to the process is not to push away the depressed emotional state, feel it and hold it in awareness with all its nuances before you let it go. Note letting it go is different from pushing it away.

May we all experience more calm, strength and happiness in 2021!

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