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Amazing Benefits of Exercise

You will want to read Kelly McGonigal’s new book THE JOY OF MOVEMENT for a strong dose of motivation. Exercise releases endocannabinoids which reduces the stress response, stimulates the release of dopamine which fuels optimism and good feelings.  Regular exercise increases the brain’s sensitivity to this chemical. Therefore, exercise becomes more enjoyable the more you do it.

The exercise only has to be moderately difficult for you and for at least 20 minutes to get the high from endocannabinoids. It takes about 6 weeks from starting an exercise plan to get pleasure at its peak. Once it does, the motivation to keep exercising is there.

Exercise reduces anxiety, rumination and depression. The lactate produced by the muscles alters the brain neurochemistry to have these good effects.

Even more good news! Muscles are an endocrine organ and produce proteins called myokines that have multiple benefits. One such protein is Irisin which may prevent neurodegenerative  disorders like Alzheimer’s. It helps burn fat and stimulates the brain’s reward system.Thirty-five helpful myokines are released by the quadriceps during one hour of bicycle riding. These regulate blood sugar, reduce body and brain inflammation, kill cancer cells, help muscles get stronger.

Every step contracts over two hundred myokine-releasing muscles and the chemicals released benefit every area of your body and mind.




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