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Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

I have attended a yoga class for many years and have noted the benefits – feeling great at the end of class. Now I am finding out that there is a whole trend toward using Hatha Yoga and Pranayama for anxiety, depression and trauma.

You may want to explore this as well. Check out Amy Weintraub’s books – YOGA FOR DEPRESSION and YOGA SKILLS FOR THERAPISTS.  I especially like the sections on breathing techniques. She teaches breathing for balancing, relaxation, energizing and cleansing. Why does it help the emotional state? Amy cites the work of Dharma Singh Khalsa MD who stated that Yoga stimulates the pituitary to release endorphin and the glandular system to release adrenaline and norepinephrin compounds. The end result is to have a balance of relaxation and stimulation.

Another book that may be of interest is David Emerson and Elizabeth Hopper’s OVERCOMING TRAUMA THROUGH YOGA: Reclaiming Your Body. I haven’t yet started this one. However, Bessel Van der Kolk, the premier researcher on trauma,  has been endorsing yoga and body-based treatments for PTSD. If you have had any trauma, do read his latest book – THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE. 

Whether you want to alleviate anxiety or depression or just want to feel great, check out a yoga class.

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