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Timing of Eating Is Essential

An article in Psychology Today February 2013 has some important information about the timing of eating and of what you eat. Yes, we have all heard – eat breakfast and eat dinner early and light. But WHY?  The body needs fasting to break down fats and cholesterol. In fact just to turn on the mechanism requires 5-6 hours of fasting and then to actually burn the calories, it requires another 5-6 hours.  The major fat burning occurs during our sleep hours. If you deprive yourself of sleep, you will gain weight.


Then what about breakfast? What you eat in the morning is important. Have some protein because it will help build muscle and increase metabolic capacity. And it is O.K. to eat carbs because metabolic hormones to burn them are high between dawn and noon. Eat anything you want for lunch – well almost. And consume it before noon.  Metabolism slows in the afternoon and evening. So limit the carbs from afternoon on. Even protein at dinner is not a good idea because it can interfere with sleep. And dinner should occur early, maybe before 7 pm or earlier depending upon your bed time. Remember you need 10-12 hours of fasting to have  the body properly processing your food. And no late night snacks because then the metabolic genes never have a chance to burn the calories.  So if you have spent time in Spain or Italy, how do they eat dinner at 10 pm and stay slim? Sometimes all the rules are made for breaking.

April 15, 2013 - Posted by | weight management

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