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Instant Gratification and Food

What drive us to want something NOW? It seems so hard to wait when we start thinking about that Latte or French Fries or ………  This seems to be hard-wired. And this makes sense if we think about our heritage as scavengers/hunters. When we would come upon some food, we took it and soon ate it. You never knew when the next bite would come. Now we have food everywhere and much of it is very tempting. The scientists have come up with the term temporal discounting to explain what we do. This means viewing small rewards now as better than bigger rewards down the road. So yes we all agree that we don’t want a heart attack in five years from eating fatty foods. And yet that cheeseburger is very appetising now and would so satisfy the hunger at lunch time. So what can we do? The solution lies in waiting five minutes and then checking out if this is what you really want. You can apply the Mindfulness tools that we spoke about before. These help you really decipher if this is what you want – both physically and emotionally. Then realize that some of these tendencies are hard-wired and take time to change. Be gentle with yourself.

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