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Getting A Calm Brain

Gayatri Devi MD, a neurologist and clinical associate professor at NYU School of Medicine, has outlined the process of calming the mind from the neurological point of view. Her book A CALM BRAIN: UNLOCKING YOUR NATURAL RELAXATION SYSTEM is a good read. If you have wondered why it is so hard to de-stress, she explains it in terms of our heritage and the importance of fight or flight mechanisms in survival. There is an important nerve, the Vagus nerve, that plays a critical role. It channels information from the gut area to the brain and can tell the brain to relax. Once you understand the physiology, you can put into place effective strategies for your stress management. Diaphragm breathing, for example, activates the Vagus Nerve and begins the calming process. Techniques to calm are simple but powerful. Trying to calm through the thought process is much less effective and this book tells you why. Give yourself the gift of this book in this stressful time.

November 5, 2012 - Posted by | Emotional Well Being |

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