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Healthy Diet for the New Year

Sometimes it takes a mini-crisis to get us back on track. Some different sensations in my heart was the trigger to examine my diet and recalibrate. No medical issue was found but I renewed my understanding of Dean Ornish’s diet and life plans for health. You may remember the Dean Ornish MD has a demonstrated track record of reversing heart disease through diet, exercise and meditation. Why wait until you develop problems? His plan for staying healthy is a lot easier to accomplish than the reversal one. Besides cardiovascular health, weight loss is almost guaranteed.  The Spectrum gives his plan and recipes along with some of the research. An earlier book Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease discusses research and focuses on the cardiovascular issues. It is well worth reading. The results of his program are amazing. After one year, 82% who made the lifestyle changes demonstrated measurable reversal of coronary artery blockages. Some reversal started in as little as one month. His approach leads to weight loss, lower blood pressure, prevents and reverses Type 2 diabetes, and likely lowers reist of prostate and breast cancer along with the cardiovascular benefits. Check it out now!

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