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Inner Critic and Eating

I am still enjoying Mindful Eating by Jan Bays MD. Here is a neat approach to your Inner Critic from this book. She calls it “Acknowledge the Inner Critic and Let It Go.” When the inner critic says something negative about your eating or your body, she advises say something like this “I know you are very worried about me, but the language you are using isn’t helpful to me. In fact, this is making it harder for me. What I need now is kindness. Thank you for sharing and goodbye.”  You might recognize the format of this as one that is often taught to couples as a means to communicate complaints or issues. It works for couples and it can work for your Inner Critic as well. You do not need to accept what your Inner Critic says. First, be aware when you hear this voice and realize it is not your voice. Then say Thank you for sharing but no thank you to the message. Try it.

May 15, 2010 - Posted by | weight management

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